“I whole heartedly endorse the CCARPE team. I have witnessed their excellent strategic leadership and outstanding execution both within the same organization and now as consultants supporting my business. They have a broad range of skills and experiences and are invaluable in the evaluation of a market, creation and execution of the business plan, and proactively adapting to changing market conditions.”
Bill Higgins, President of Ricola North America
“CCARPE provided us with the best introduction to a new market you could wish for… CCARPE did a comprehensive set up for retail and market visits, meeting several prospective distribution and various agency partners… They provided us with relevant benchmarking examples and a unique opportunity to spend time with our category consumers in focus groups and in their homes… We came away with quality insights to make our go/no go decisions, excellent follow up and the seamless opportunity and trust to have CCARPE represent us during our commercial start-up phase. In my 25 years of business development, this does not hapen unless you are working with exceptional professionals and a fantastic host with a great soul“
Georg Gruber, Nando´s Grocery CEO